Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Delivery Driver Hates Me.

Led by Amazon in the USA (and Amazon Japan here in the Land of the Rising Sun), e-shopping is fast becoming the most popular and easiest way to shop for things. As an Amazon Prime member myself, I often order running gear (a GPS watch here, a re-fueling gel there [方々]) and clothes (a quick-dry singlet here, a pair of running shoes there). Oh, and food & toiletries for my three cats. Lots and lots of food & toiletries.

And for the reasonably cheap price of only ¥4000 ($35.00) a year, Amazon Japan promises to ship each and every item the next day to its millions of Amazon Prime members. Even those like me out in the middle of nowhere (田舎). 

That's great for Amazon and its customers; not so great for all of the delivery drivers out there who work for Yamato Kuro Neko (Black Cat) and have tons of cardboard boxes (段ボール) to deliver every day. 

You see, Yamato Holding Company thought it was a great deal signing a contract to ship Amazon products back in 2013 when online shopping was still somewhat in its infancy. Unfortunately, it poorly predicted how much business it would have to do and low-balled itself (切り下げ) with cheap delivery rates.

As we speak, Yamato is planning to hire thousands of new delivery drivers and raise prices for its regular customers in September, but that's too little and too late for the delivery driver who shows up almost weekly at my house.

Even though I always greet her with a smile and thank her for her hard work ("お疲れ様でした"), she gives me the evil eye as she shoves the box at me. If looks could kill, I would be on my way to the nearest crematorium (火葬場)- not in her truck, thank you very much! 

And I can understand her thinking. It's no fair being paid so little to do so much work. Or worse, working unpaid overtime (サービス残業).

So maybe I'll buy her a small present to thank her for her hard work. Let me check out today's Lightning Deals and Time Sales for something nice.

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