Thursday, April 13, 2017

Whey to Go!

Think about "exercise" for a moment. Do you hate it? Surprisingly, many people do. Exercise turns up on many lists of things people hate to do even though it can make your life so much better in so many ways!

One reason is that people fear the sore muscles (筋肉痛) that inevitably come after a hard workout. If you lift weights, your arm muscles will be sore the next day. If you run, your legs will kill you the next day.

As a crazy runner, I totally understand this. At first, I thought it would be impossible to run approximately 10 km/6.5 miles every day because my legs would be in serious pain. However, I found a solution to my problem - whey protein (ホエイプロテイン).

Now my American friends tell me it is commonplace (普通) for health clubs and gyms to have cafes inside that serve whey protein shakes on the spot.

Wow! We don't have that here in Japan. At least not in Toyama Prefecture, which is considered the countryside (田舎) by 99% of Japanese people.

(Ok, actually I don't belong to a gym or health club so I have no way of knowing what's available in Toyama Prefecture).

I did a little research online about solutions to muscles pain and whey protein popped right up as the recommendation of many online running coaches and exercise trainers. Now I mix two shakes made with water, ice, whey protein and various ingredients every day: one fruity one (banana, berries and flax seeds) after my daily run and the other veggie one (leafy vegetables like spinach & cabbage and oatmeal) an hour before going to bed.

As a result, I don't have nearly as much muscle pain now as when I first began marathon training about three months ago. Also, the whey protein is burning a lot of my stomach fat - call it my "spare tire (メタボ)" - and some abs (腹筋) are starting to appear.

So if you hate exercise because of sore muscles, why not give whey protein a try? You might just learn to love it and all the positive, healthy things it can do for you.

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