Sunday, November 6, 2016

English impact Endorses Hillary Clinton

"These are the times that try men's souls." - Thomas Paine, 1776

"These are times that try poor, uneducated, conspiracy-driven white men's souls." - John Munjak, 2016

For the first time in the history of English impact - Ok, I've only been around for three-and-a-half years - I've decided to endorse a presidential candidate. And the honor goes to.... Let's see... Who has the best chance of making sure Donald Trump never becomes President of the USA? - Hillary Clinton.

It's an easy decision to oppose Trump as a nasty, temperamental demagogue (民衆扇動) with no political experience who has whipped poor, uneducated white males into a frenzy by promising to "Make America Great Again at the Expense of Women, Minorities and Immigrants." (I know, you don't often see that full political slogan on his cheap, Chinese-manufactured hats because of a lack of space.)

However, most people fail to see the dictatorship (独裁) side of his political yearning: how he routinely praises ruthless leaders like Vladimir Putin & Kim Jong Un; how he wants to control the free press; how he has attacked the very basis of American democracy by calling into question free elections and the peaceful transfer of power.

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton - and I guess Trump supporters will say her carelessness handling confidential makes her guilty of treason or sprout conspiracy theories about the deaths of her political opponents - but for 30 years she has shown the experience, temperament and leadership to serve as the President of the USA.

For these reasons, English impact supports and endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the USA (and thanks the Japanese government for giving me Permanent Residency just in case Trump happens to win).

John Munjak
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