Thursday, June 30, 2016

いきいき(Iki-Iki or Lively) Toyama Marathon

While I'm excited to be participating in my first triathlon, I'm a little bummed out (寂しい) that I couldn't convince any of my English impact students to join me for the いきいきToyama Triathlon on Sunday, July 31.

I heard many excuses for not participating. "Who in their right mind would want to run 10 km after riding a bike for 40 km?," for one. "I swim like a rock" (石みたいな泳ぐ) for another.

I admit it won't be easy to swim 1.5 km, cycle 40 km and run 10 km one after the other without much of a rest. But I actually think the main reason nobody wanted to join me is because it costs a lot of money to do a triathlon.

                                    (Illustration by Robby Watson. See more of his awesome work on Instagram.)

I say this not because I'm a cheapskate (ケチな人) - I am a cheapskate, for sure - but because this is one of the most expensive one-day events I have ever participated in. Actually, I hope to finish it in under three and a half hours, but I'm sure I'll spend the rest of the day sleeping or lying in pain on the floor.

Just to enter the triathlon cost \21,000 ($204).  Then, since the rules state you can't ride a regular bike, I had to buy a new road bike for \43,266 ($421) and a helmet for \1,970 ($19). To make my ride a little easier, I added a water bottle holder for \1650 ($16) and a gel seat cover for \1980 ($19).

For the swimming event, I needed to buy goggles for \882 ($8) and six tickets to practice swimming at my local indoor pool for \2,600 ($25).

So that's already around \73,350 ($713) I have spent, and that's on the cheapskate's budget. There's a long list of things I don't plan to buy that some triathletes would consider foolish. I'm not going to buy a wetsuit or a trisuit. I refuse to buy cycling shoes or shorts or a bike computer.

I'm doing this triathlon to see if I have what it takes to finish all 51.5 km: strength, endurance, stamina and willpower. Oh, and a little money, too, I have saved up.

Wish me luck. And please start saving for next year's いきいきToyama Marathon so you can join me. With no money excuse.

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