Monday, May 30, 2016

Do Enemies Make the Most Interesting Friends?

"Enemies make the most interesting friends."

- Sheryl Crow "Sad Sad World"

I'd like to believe this line from a song, but looking back on my worst enemies, it just doesn't seem so.

In particular, I reflect on some self-centered, lazy, good-for-nothing foreign teachers I used to work with in an Osaka international school. While the Japanese teachers and foreign home room teachers were in the classroom teaching all day, they would spend their time in the office chatting about TV shows, movies, video games and how they weren't getting paid enough to sit around all day and talk about TV shows, movies & video games.

Hardly interesting, right?

And since moving to Toyama City, I haven't made any enemies. Everyone here is really laid-back and down-to-earth. And they have more important things to do than watch TV & movies and play video games.

I have noticed some bugs in my vegetable garden that are a constant thorn in my side. I guess I can call them my enemies.

(Illustration by Robby Watson. See more of his awesome work on Instagram)

The first one is the cutworm (寝切虫). As its name suggests in both languages, this nasty bug eats through the stem of plants like green onions so the whole plants dies. Talk about self-centered! Its one meal literally kills the vegetable for everyone.

The second bug I have to contend with is the lazy slug (蛞蝓). It slowly moves across plants leaving a trail of slime as it eats leaves all night.

The third and final pest in my garden is the ladybug or てんとう虫(Actually, it's a ladybug beetle.). It sure looks cute and all, but in reality it's good-for-nothing. It just eats and eats leaves - damaging the whole plant in the process - before flying off in pursuit of its next meal.

Now that I think about it, these bugs remind me a lot of my horrible ex-coworkers. Well, at least the bugs don't constantly complain about money. Or talk non-stop Harry Potter, Angry Birds or other such nonsense while others are trying to work.

Maybe I should write a song with the lyric, "Bugs are more interesting than former enemies," but what word rhymes with good-for-nothing?

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