Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Introducing Monchi Munjak

Sometimes people choose their pets. That was my family's case with our first two cats. We adopted Tamaちゃん from a nearby animal shelter. And we found Mashuくん, the runt (チビ子) of the litter, from a local cat breeder's online advertisement. 
Other times, pets choose their people. That's the case of our third cat or kitten (子猫). An acquaintance's (知り合い) daughter developed a cat allergy and he needed to get rid of his kitten. It was either the shelter or us. So we took in the young male bengal tiger-striped Scottish fold with open arms and re-named him Monchiくん.

Why Monchiくん? Well, with his long, curly tail and tucked-in ears, he resembles a monkey at times (時々). And "Monchichi means happiness," right?

So we hope that Monchiくん has a long happy life alongside his older sister Tamaちゃん and older brother Mashuくん). 

John Munjak
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