Monday, November 2, 2015

The Toyama Marathon

4 hours 27 minutes 25 seconds

That's the answer to the first question people ask me about how long it took to run the full Toyama Marathon.

(My Net Time - based on my GPS tracker - was 4 hours 23 minutes 36 seconds. I obviously prefer this time, mainly because there was a lot of waiting around and walking out of my D Block when the marathon first started).

No, I wasn't able to run the whole way.

That's the answer to the second question people ask me about running the whole marathon. I really wanted to, but I "hit the wall" around the 35th km. That means, I lost a lot of power and had to walk a bit. Actually, I started to get muscle spasms (痙攣) around the 37th km that were a little scary so I don't feel so bad about walking.

I learned a lot from running in my first marathon. I learned that the second half of a marathon is much, much harder than the first.

I learned that "slow and steady" really wins the race when the race is 42. 195 km (26.2 miles).

And I learned that people of all ages can enjoy running a marathon. I was passed my many elderly men. I was passed my many elderly women. Heck, I was even passed by a blind (盲人), elderly man.

I learned that the marathon isn't a race against others. It's not a race against time. It's a race against yourself.  I finished the Toyama Marathon but I lost to myself in the end.

So I'll definitely be running the Toyama Marathon next year. The question is, will you join me? Or - if you live in another part of the world - will you challenge yourself to run a marathon, too?

P.S. Special thanks to my student Hくん for all of you help & support before, during and after the marathon. It was an honor to run alongside you.

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  1. Congratulations John!
    Proud of you!

    1. Thanks, Ron. It's good to keep challenging "life." Please keep on keeping fit yourself!