Friday, September 18, 2015

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Please take a good, hard look (よく見て) at this picture. Does something seem wrong to you?
If you are American, you might say the lighting is too bright. Or, admittedly, the picture is kind of boring. Who in their right mind takes a picture of a twice-bitten Japanese pear (梨)?

If you are Japanese, you are probably just thinking, "Who in their right mind eats the skin of a Japanese pear?"

Why don't Japanese people eat the skin? I mean, after all, it's completely edible (食用), full of vitamins & minerals, and a great source of fiber (食物繊維).

To answer that question, I asked many of my English impact students and I came up with the top three reasons Japanese people don't eat the skin of a pear.

1.) The skin is considered to rough to eat. It might be that Japanese fear damaging their teeth or upsetting their stomachs, but the rough skin turns most of them off.

2.) There is a fear that too many pesticides (殺虫剤) and chemicals are on the outside of pears. A good washing with cold water and soap can easily remove most of the dirt and other pollutants on the pear.

3.) Since other Japanese don't eat the pear - including mothers and grandmothers - the idea that it is inedible has become common to every generation of Japanese people.

Now, I'm not saying you have to eat the skin of a pear. Of course, it is up to your individual preference. The point I want to get across is that there is every reason to eat the skin of a pear; there is nothing wrong with it at all.

Only people who eat the skin of bananas are out of their mind. Oh, wait...

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