Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shrimp Moustache?!?

There are many people, including Japanese, who don't like seafood. It might be the smell or taste or even appearance of some fish and animals that turn people off (嫌悪する). 

In Toyama, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of fresh seafood, like yellowtail (ぶり), trout sushi (ますずし), firefly squid (ホタルイカ) and white shrimp (白エビ). 

As far as I know, white shrimp can only be found in Toyama making it one of our most famous specialties.

However, one of my English impact students had a unique reason for not liking white shrimp - it is dangerous. She went on to explain that the shrimp's "moustache" can be sharp and do damage inside of the eater's mouth.

Wait a minute, I thought... Shrimp don't have moustaches, not like we humans. Then it hit me that she was translating ひげ or antenna as "moustache. 

Yes, some men - ok, some women, too - have moustaches. But what about cats? Do they have moustaches? No, we call theirs "whiskers." 

And for shrimp, they might have sharp antennas that can cut the insides of the mouth.  

So there's another reason not to like seafood. It can be dangerous. Or possibly the image of a shrimp with a moustache will remain with you all of your life.  

In any case, I understand why you might not like seafood. That's cool (いいよ). More for me!

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