Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How INSIDE OUT Is Different in Japan

Sure, Inside Out has a different title in Japan. Here it is called Inside Head.

And, annoyingly (ムカつくに), too, the movie is only being shown in most theaters dubbed in Japanese because Japanese kids - the main audience in summer vacation - can't read Japanese subtitles or understand spoken English. 

But the big difference I want to write about is the vegetable that the little girl hates. In the US version, it is broccoli. 

And in the Japanese version, it is green pepper (ピーマン). So why the change? Why did Pixar go all out to change every broccoli scene to green peppers?

The simple answer is, because Japanese kids don't hate broccoli. What's to hate about it?  Well, some American kids think it looks weird - like eating a little tree - and tastes bad (まずい).

It is the bitter (苦い) green pepper that freaks out most Japanese children. 

If it were up to me, the vegetable I would have used in the movie would be beets. Or brussel sprouts. Or lima beans. There were so many gross vegetables I had to eat when I was growing up in the USA! My American friends and family members are understandably surprised that I am now so interested in vegetable gardening.

Now, as an adult, I can look back and laugh at what used to be going on inside out or inside my head when I had to eat beets or brussel sprouts or lima beans. And that's the same joy that Pixar wants all audience members to feel when they watch the movie.

Now if it were only in English... !&#%&*%&&#$&!(#%&#

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