Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In Our Garden

It's a beautiful morning here in Toyama City after a night of rain. That means two things. First, I don't have to water (水をやる) my vegetable & herb garden. Second, I can go jogging for 90 minutes, my July goal.

I'm overjoyed that I don't have to go out and fill two 10-liter buckets with water from a nearby rice field's irrigation canal (田んぼの用水堀). Mother Nature took care of that job for me this morning.

And while I'd rather be running than blogging, this is a good chance to tell you a little more about my garden.

When my English impact students ask me what I am growing, I usually say, "Everything from peanuts to watermelons (落花生からスイカまで)," since I don't want to list everything.

But with this short blog, I can put everything down in writing and send a link to my students to read if anyone asks in the future. I'm also including the herbs that my wife chose (and I water) since we often use them for cooking. The number of each plant is in the parenthesis (). Here goes (行くぞ):

fruits & vegetables
peanuts (4)
mini-red tomato (3)
mini-yellow tomato (2)
eggplant (3)
green pepper (3)
various (いろいろ) pepper plants, including spicy red peppers and paprika (8)
cucumber (2)
yacon (1)
bitter melon (4)
green onion (80)
snap pea (?)
sweet potato (?)
okra (13)
strawberry (?)
asparagus (?)
wasabi (1)
watermelon (2)

herbs (1 each)
Italian parsley
Japanese parsley
rose geranium

I think that's everything. And now it's running time. Here I go!

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